Contract Research and Due Diligence

We have a research team dedicated in DeFi. We publish strategy papers for advanced investors. These papers provide overview of a sector of DeFi, e.g. stablecoin investments, or in-depth review of a protocol, e.g. Abracadabra (MIM) or Gro Protocol. This is to aid your investment analysis work, by providing a set of comprehensive information and a second opinion on these opportunities.

We can tailor make our research and due diligence scope for your institution to better suit your needs. If you are interested in the content, please contact us via this email or twitter @serenityfund for more details.

DeFi Practical Skills for Individuals

We have launched "The Serenity Academy" for more people to learn the 101s of DeFi and Web3. In this space, it's full of jargons and new terms; but we start with the most basics and use the layman's terms. We teach no big concepts, but practical skills, such as using MetaMask wallets and reading information in Etherscan. Or simply where to find Web3 hiring opportunities. These skills will equip you for a DeFi or Web3 job, e.g. a Defi Analyst or a Web3 social media manager.

For better learning experience, We periodically organise training Zoom classes. These are practical sessions where you get your hands dirty doing real DeFi transactions, with the coaching of our instructors. The contents are from the basics of interacting with simple DeFi contracts to advanced topics like assessing the risks of DeFi protocols. Courses are more for a group of individuals, or a team in an organisation. For booking of courses, please email us for details.

DeFi On-Boarding for Corporates

We help companies or institutions seeking exposure in cryptocurrencies to understand what's DeFi. The On-Boarding session includes training of corporate personnel the basics of DeFi and set up the infrastructure for corporate governance related to DeFi. These include risk profile assessment, strategy advices, and multi-signature set-ups. If you are interested in the content, please contact us via this email or twitter @serenityfund for more details.